Capt. Mad Jack’s Rules

1. All state and safety laws for boats and fishing must be obeyed at all times.
2. Life jackets must be worn at time of take-off
3. All fish must be caught by rod and reel; No use of trotlines, jugs, or limb lines
4. All boats must launch from the Possum Ridge boat Ramp
5. Entry fees are $125 (cash) per boat, with a 100% payout (If you wish to pay by credit card or Paypal there is a $5.00 fee)
6. Cast nets may be used to get bait only
7. Unlimited number of Rods
8. All boats must stay at least 50 ft. away from anchored boats.
9. All fishermen must remain in their boats, unless for lightning or an emergency situation that has been cleared with a prior call to a Tourney Official.
10. Only blue catfish, channel catfish, and flathead catfish are eligible for weigh in.
11. There is a 5 fish limit per TEAM; (if more than 5 fish are brought to weigh in there will be a 5pound deduction) Per 2017 Taylorsville Lake Regulations, the slot limit is as follows,  only one blue Cat or Channel Cat 25” and over is allowed to be brought to the Ramp
per person, You will be allowed to Weigh-in 5 Fish per boat. No more than 2 Bluecats or Channel Cats may be above 25 inches.
There is no limit on the Size of Flathead Catfish. Boat limit is 2 over per species even if you have 3 person team. If you are over the limit it will disqualify all fish and none will be counted. I will have the official measure board at the sign up if you want to check yours against it. Fish will be Measured belly down, nose to end and the tail will be pinched.
12. All fish must be in good condition and alive to be eligible for weigh in; (Any Dead fish     will result in disqualification)
13. All Fish must be released after weigh in
14. Fish must be brought to the designated weigh in spot by tote, cooler, net, NO stringers!
15. A team is defined as up to 3 anglers of any age(maximum of 3) on a single boat. However, if an angler is under age a parent or guardian must be one of the three registered anglers.
16. Placing is decided by total weight, in the event of a tie the team with the fewer number of fish will take the higher place. If there is still a tie after that, the team with the heaviest fish will take the higher place.
17. Teams not in the weigh in line by 9:00am will be disqualified.
18. All teams are asked to show up to weigh in, If not weighing in Please notify someone. This is for safety to ensure all boats are accounted for.
19. Launch Order will be determined by order of Paid Registration.
20. Unsportsman like conduct will not be tolerated and will result in disqualification; this includes,fighting, arguing, offensive language directed at another person or team, or harassment of another team causing them to lose fishing time. This also includes harassment of the Directors, Sponsors ortournament itself.
21. There will be a 35 mph speed limit after dark until dawn.